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When you’re looking for well-priced food and drinks, quality karaoke entertainment and dancing, you want Almond Tree. Call or message us for any questions you have, or stop on by and visit us. Bring all of your family and friends and see what we’re all about.



Mon - Sun: 8am - 2am


214 Harding Blvd.

Roseville, CA 95678

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What People Say About Us...

"I've been to more than my share of dives in the Sactown region, but nothing compares to the Almond Tree Lounge. I've rarely seen such a lively atmosphere on a Friday night. I credit that to the demographic, which is almost exclusively the +40 (more like the +50) crowd. Does that make it a no-go for snobby youngsters? Quite the opposite. Our group settled in at a back table and soaked it all in. There was a lively dance floor, a lounge-singer type belting out three decades of oldies and every table was packed with laughing, happy folks. All of the above seems to be passé among the under 30 crowd these days unless they are sloppy drunk and in an overpriced club. No, these people knew how to party. 

Our server was a spunky young gal who greeted us with a smile and never left us with an empty glass in our hand. Despite the crowds, she came back often and kept us satisfied. The only downside was that the kitchen closed around midnight, right when the munchies set in. 

Did I mention the smoking lounge? Just when I thought I'd never set foot in another bar that allowed smoking, here is one that has a whole indoor glassed-off section for it, like a giant iron lung."

 — Alex L., Sacramento, CA

"This place was awesome! I had so much fun! Their drinks are very strong, so a great value. Great place to hang out with friends and do a little karaoke. I personally would love a more updated list of songs, but the classics kinda add to the cozy feeling of this place. Next time gonna try the food."

 — Rosie W., Roseville, CA

"Almond Tree is one of my favorite low-key bars to grab a drink with friends. The patrons are typically silver foxes and AARP members — just the way I like it. They're all looking for a good time and don't take life too seriously. 

There's karaoke, dancing, jams from the 50s-70s, and a patio area with darts. There are flat screen TVs for the sporting events. 

If you haven't been to Almond Tree, I strongly recommend going around the holidays. The dance moves and sequin Christmas sweaters are kicked up a notch!"

 — Tracy M., Roseville, CA

"The place isn't much from outside but pretty nice inside. We ate at the bar and ordered the steak dinner. Food was very good and bartender was extremely helpful and nice. I enjoyed the experience and will be back. The place looks very laid back and clean."

 — Sheree G., Citrus Heights, CA

"My wife and I went in here last night for the first time. What a blast! Met great people, the drinks were awesome and inexpensive. We got 4 JD and cokes, 2 PBR's and a bag of pretzels for 19 dollars. Seriously?! I will be back!"

 — Keith D., Roseville, CA

"Cougar alert! Love this bar! Make sure you say hi to the pretty girl behind the bar! She is awesome!"

 — Jacob C., Elk Grove, CA

"Amazing fun and good times at the Almond Tree! The people are friendly and the atmosphere begs laughter and cheer."

— Mike B., Fair Oaks, CA

"As big a dive as I've ever seen. Drink are stiff and priced well for the alcohol you get.

The many times I've been here there has been bands, DJ’s, and karaoke. They also have an area where you can dance. I saw people line dancing. So if you are into that kind of thing then this is the place for you. They also have a separate smoking area, which is nice."

 — Jeff K., Roseville, CA

"A great place to relax and order good food while you listen to great music by Jerry McClendon. Then there is a large dance floor. So go enjoy the night out."

 — Mary G., El Dorado Hills, CA

"Great local hangout with good people. George's steaks are the best-kept secret in Roseville! They can feed two people and are covered in sautéed mushrooms and onions (if you wish) for under $20! The same piece of meat anywhere else is a good $35!

Good stiff drinks and great atmosphere. This isn't a chain or franchise environment so if that's what you want you'll be disappointed. But if you want to have a good time with good people, good drinks, and great food you found your place. 

Long live The Tree!"

 — Ed H., Roseville, CA

"Since 1976, Almond Tree Lounge is anything but a casual lounge. More of a dive with food that extends beyond the typical deep-fried, and is loaded with entertainment. There are definite regulars but it is not awkward at all. A packed house on Friday evening/night. A crowd of patrons that know how to have a simple exceptional good time without the drama and without throwing up. A server and bartender in great spirits and humor. Generous drinks and PBR on tap. 

Friday is also Prime Rib night. Peeps come in for dinner and some stay for the fun and others leave and space is replaced with entertainment seekers. Not a grouchy face in the crowd.

Live music on Friday; it was Jerry (the one-man band) on this particular night playing various genre from 70s through the 90s and takes requests. A guest singer for the gal tunes. Apparently, karaoke is a big deal here and deserves a trip back to experience the often the talked about great singers."

— John H., Austin, TX

"This place is pretty fun, chill, and laid back. The Karaoke is always fun and seems to be a hit every time. The prices are good and staff is friendly. Each time that I've been here, it's always a good experience. 

It's a bit smaller than you would expect and if you come during a busy time, it might be hard to find a table or a seat. The bathrooms are a little small. But aside from those two minor things, this is definitely a great place to come and hang out.

Best karaoke dive bar in Roseville area. Great older crowd of friendly regulars who really enjoy life and come to sing and dance. I love to sing the oldies here! Great bar tenders and good drink prices. I drop by every time I am in town. I miss my good singing buddy from the tree. R.I.P. Bobby S."

— Je C., Cedar Park, TX

"Best Karaoke in Sac area by far. They also had two craft IPA's available as well. Actually, they were out of one of them due to a huge Halloween party that drained the beer bottles here and there. Lots of women that I noticed that were very attractive and the guys were all ugly except for me. Just kidding."

 — George R., Los Angeles, CA

"If you are looking for a great local bar that serves great steaks, this is the place. We were told about this place by a couple at a different restaurant. It took us a few weeks to get here and they were totally right. Nice local bar, friendly people, and packed on Friday night. Live music, dancing and a great staff and owner. Will go again."

 — Paul S., Anderson, CA

"This is a very fun and laid back bar for all ages to enjoy (21+). The service is friendly, drinks are delicious and this is always a great place to karaoke. The dance floor is always packed on the weekends!"

 — Caleb R., Citrus Heights, CA

"This place is the best! Not like you're in some Sacramento bar. The beers are cold and the people are friendly. Country music is the best old school sound."

 — Jay S., Sacramento, CA

"So really great place, nice crowd, bartender's cool, karaoke dude is great — thank you, Jerry. I'm gonna give them 5 stars."

 — Christopher W., Citrus Heights, CA

"This place was fun! Lots of old folks but fun nonetheless! 

Okay, so not exactly a place I'm going to try to find a date but certainly a great place to let loose. Especially on a budget. My husband and I stayed for about 4 hours and left with a bill under $50. Really, you can't beat that!"

 — Kris V., Sacramento, CA

"Pretty nice place to chill and drink. Love seeing the older crowd trying to dance and karaoke. It's a nice and relaxing environment if you just want to get away for the night with your friends."

 — Hope F., Roseville, CA

"One of the big and best T-bone steaks I ever had!"

 — George V., Long Beach, CA

"I signed up with Yelp just to leave this review. Try the ribeye! You will not be disappointed. The flavor, mushroom garlic topping, and texture are perfection."

 — Cheri L., Hanford, CA